About Us

Lucid Magazine is a new youth current affairs and culture online publication. It aims to offer informed debate and discussion on a variety of issues pertinent to the British youth today. Lucid welcomes all views, young or old, mainstream or hipster, liberal or conservative, in its capacity as a platform for the concerns of the young today, and in future.


Zunair Jaffery
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Political Editor
Alex Garrido
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Culture Editor
Conor Jordan
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Arts Editor
Natalie Davies
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Literature Editor
Jake Garvin
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Music Editor
Gemma Lee
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Fashion Editor
Donna Salek
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Sports Editor
Thom Meakin
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Science Editor
Calum Macinnes
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Technology Editor
Josh Peachey
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Business and Media
Pascale Murray
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Adam Murphy

Alex Macarthur

Cameron Ormesher

Cerys Spilsbury

Cora Kirk

David Rhys Cakebread

Emma Louise Tomson

Harriet Lavin

Harry MacDonald

Issy Parry

James Sproston

Joe Urwin

Katherine Adams

Lao Lee

Lottie Brown

Madeleine Goode

Millie Dyos-Szolkowska

Mo Choonara

Molly Cooper

Pete Morgan

Phoebe Davis

Rose Pollard

Shantam Taneja

Tom Bewley

Will Lumb

Zainab Sardar